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5th-Jul-2006 12:03 am(no subject)

I haven't cut in like two months, and it hasn't really been on my mind a whole lot. What I have been thinking about is that I feel bad when I have cut, or calling myself a cutter. I always feel like that I don't cut deep enough, bleed enough, or have good enough reasons to even do it. It seems so stupid, but god, it seems like I can't even cut right! Anyone else feel like this?

19th-Jun-2006 11:37 am - State of grace
Found this when browsing NYTimes online ... http://dougauld.com/

This artist has made an amazing series of paintings of badly burned people, not showing them as the usual 'eww-look-away-from-us' way, but showing them in a beautiful way. So no matter how you look, what's your size, how your face or other parts look, you can still be and feel beautiful the way you are now.
Study Sees No Gain in Using Antidepressant to Treat Anorexia (NY Times article - full article here without registrations etc) -- interesting comparing how widely used the mind drugs are in this field ...
Interesting articles of today ...

Women 'have constant body woes'

Almost a third of women worry about the way their body looks "every waking minute", a survey suggests. (BBC article linked above)

The poll of over 5,000 women for Grazia magazine found just one in 50 was happy with the way her body looks, with women wanting to lose an average of 19lbs.
Seven out of 10 women said life would improve if they had "better" bodies.

It concluded that the average British woman worries about her body every 15 minutes.[..]

The most hated part of the body for women was their thighs - highlighted by 87%, with the waist, disliked by 79%.

The survey also revealed 65% were unhappy with their breasts, with the same number having negative feelings about their feet and 59% unhappy with their face.

Teeth were picked out by 57% of the women surveyed, who said they were unhappy with the way they looked.

Half said they had "muffin rolls" - described as "podgy rolls sticking out over their waistband".

The only parts of the body which were widely liked were the "slimmish ankles" owned by 54% of those surveyed.

New mums feel pressure to be slim (BBC article again)

The survey found 86% of new mothers said they felt more attractive before pregnancy and 82% said they were unhappy with their shape after pregnancy.

Seventy-seven per cent said they had been "shocked" by the changes to their body.

On average, first-time mothers weighed 11st 2lbs (70.7kg). The average pre-pregnancy weight was 10st 2lbs (64.4kg) - but women wanted to weigh around 9st 5lbs (59.4kg).

Women said childbirth radically changed their bodies, altering the stomachs, arms, legs, breasts and bottoms - and not for the better.

Two thirds of women said they thought about their shape every day, whatever their current size.

Flabby stomach - 83%
Stretchmarks - 62%
Droopy breasts - 51%
Flabby legs - 31%
Cellulite - 30%
Flabby arms - 23%
Saggy bottom - 20%
Puffy ankles - 7%

Brain theory of eating disorders

Woman appear more sensitive about body image
Women may be more at risk of eating disorders than men because of the way their brain processes information.

Scientists found the female brain responds differently to a man's when exposed to certain words concerned with body image.

The findings may provide an explanation for why ten times as many women develop anorexia and bulimia than men.
Ny Times article Before Spring Break, the Anorexic Challenge seems interesting.

for linkaphobics, pastedCollapse ) Fortunately the Spring break isn't a huge deal in Europe .. at least not in this depth.
Sorry for the article being in Finnish but it's soooooooo bad and wrong: "Pakkohymy tekee sairaaksi"

That is so BS and SOOOO that country. Really.

Article says that some German research has found that a forced smile (having to smile when you feel there is nothing to smile about) is bad for your health. So .. people who were in the research and had answered to the phone calls in a friendly manner were more stressed than those who didn't answer friendly etc.

And then they go and write in the image capture text that the hostesses and stewards have to serve people friendly.

Like WHAAAAT????

If smiling was bad --- which I don't just buy at all --- then that country has so nothing to fear.
And .. has ANYONE, EVER, seen a hostess smile at a Finnair flight? I sure haven't.

As of just plain empirical evidence: if I was not friendly and polite and smiling at my work, I would have at least a bad attitude, and far more likely a burnout than if I smiled (even on worse days).
I laugh reading that article since that is soooo something of there: don't smile, don't show any feelings, have a face as expressive as a bread dough (ie no expressions).
Also, the reason they say smiling is bad is that it suppresses the NEGATIVE feelings so THATSWHY people feel so sick then.
Well, in that country if you don't look like you are depressed and ready to suicide for 80 % of the time, then some people consider you sick but that's THEIR problem ... having to look like you were (and often, be) depressed is FAR worse than "HAVING TO SMILE".

Maybe in the next 50-100 years they come with THAT realization. Who knows.
26th-Mar-2006 06:06 pm - "You are what you eat"
An interesting found by a friend ... You are what you eat, that was a TV series in UK, and also a best seller book.

There are also in short of what was in which episode, e.g. for season 1. For me it feels weird to see how many weird stuff people eat - but I know the same way could be said of most people, especially on some disordered ones of us ... well the stories are themselves good, so someone radically changes their bad food habits to better and they feel better, healthier. :)
26th-Mar-2006 05:38 pm - Paleolithic nutrition
Paleolithic Nutrition

article here for linkaphobicCollapse ) - interesting to read at least. (I would not necessarily start to eat meats etc based on a theory but still, we did have the same genes than the cavemen).
17th-Feb-2006 08:09 pm(no subject)
Hi I'm new. I've decided to try and recover from my ED by myself. I want to be happy, healthy and normal and I don't want my boyfriend to have to worry anymore. All the secrets and lies, I hate it. I hate thinking about food all the time. I need to focus on other things. I'm 18 so I have mor adult things I need to focus on, not what I'm eating and what I'm not eating and how many calories are in everything. I got from 63kgs to 49.8kgs in 6 months, I'm currently about 52kgs (5'5) I don't want to gain weight but maybe even try and lose some weight that I've gained back but in a healthy way.

Wish me luck :)
10th-Feb-2006 10:09 pm(no subject)
Hey everyone,

If anyone is interested in an eating disorder discussion / awareness / activism group based in New York City, email me at kolormehappygirl@aol.com

14th-Jan-2006 02:56 pm(no subject)
Hi! I am a new member of this community and would like to tell you about a group I am starting in NYC.

I'm trying to start an eating disorders discussion group that focuses on societal impact - not a support group, but a discussion / awareness group. I have no qualifications for that, emotionally or educationally.

This is a discussion group for people who want to talk about eating disorders and body image and society...to speak out, speak to one another, lessen the shame as a means to feeling better about ourselves and having our voices heard by one another, in the very least. Its cathartic and revolutionary. The longer we feel ashamed, the longer we will be silent, the less we will speak to one another, and the less we will make change.

I'm just very frustrated that in spite of the commonality of eating disorders, they are so rarely talked about. I'm fed up. I want to talk about it personal experiences, social experiences, women's body image and roles throughout history...I want to try to collectively understand that eating disorders are basically handed to us on silver platters by our surroundings as a favorable solution to our "inability to control ourselves," that we are all susceptible, that it has nothing to do with intelligence, that you don't necessarily have to be skinny to have an eating disorder.

I want to explore the continuum of eating disorders - bulimia and binge eating on one end and anorexia on the other, the bulimic / binge eater wishes she could be anorexic, the anorexic has succeeded and continues to succeed but is never good enough, while the bulimic feels trapped in her cycle and the binge eater feels hopeless and trapped as well. Bulimia/binge eating and anorexia are charactures of society. This is how society is set up: "out of control" people are supposed to envy "in control" people. What defines "in" and "out" of "control"? How and why are men, in light of women's political and economic advances, trying to make women smaller?

I want to hear other's opinions...share personal feelings about their own disorders.

I want to talk about how unconscious it is...how its not always "I wanna look like this actress, I wanna look like a model tee-hee" because that kind of thinking really belittles eating disordered individuals. Makes eating disorders out to be immature and stupid and shallow. I want to talk about how society's images are brainwashing, about Naomi Wolf and other eating disorder and feminist authors. I also have a few books on the biology of eating disorders and i'd be up to incorporating that aspects into the societal factor. I'm starting to really believe that the society is the pre-cursor for eating disorders in indviduals who are already vulnerable because of family and biology - but that society is primary. I want to hear other opinons, listen and talk and be empathic toward one another.

I want to discuss alternative, imaginary societies: what if obese people were considered the ideal? and people who were thin said to one another, despondent, "I'll never be that beautiful. I just want to be fat. That's all I want. Once I'm fat everything will be perfect." and people who were bigger than the "obesity standard" said, "I just can't stop gaining. I know I need to stop, but I'm not fat enough YET, once I weight XXX pounds I'll be fat enough, I swear."

that's the jist!

let me know if you're interested! thanks.
11th-Dec-2005 11:59 am - Seasonal affective disorder
Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is an affective, or mood disorder. Most SAD sufferers experience normal mental health throughout most of the year, but experience depressive symptoms in the winter. SAD is rare, if existent at all in the tropics, but is measurably present at latitudes of 30°N (or S) and higher.

Cause and treatment

Connections between human mood, as well as energy levels, and the seasons are well-documented, even in healthy individuals. Particularly in high latitudes (50°N or S) it is common for people to experience lower energy levels during the winter. Colds and flu also peak during this time, and most people get less outdoor exercise than in the summer.

Seasonal mood variations are believed to be related mostly to daylight, not temperature. For this reason, SAD is prevalent even in mid-latitude places with mild winters, such as Seattle. Prolonged periods of overcast weather can also exacerbate SAD. Normal "winter blues" can usually be dampened or extinguished by exercise and increased outdoor activity, particularly on sunny days, resulting in increased solar exposure. SAD, however, is a more serious disorder, sometimes triggering dysthymia or clinical depression. It may require hospitalization.

Various etiologies have been suggested.[1] One possibility is that SAD is related to a lack of serotonin and that exposure to full-spectrum artificial light may improve the condition by stimulating serotonin production, although this has been disputed.[2],[3] Another theory is that melatonin produced in the pineal gland is the primary cause,[4],[5] since there are direct connections between the retina and the pineal gland. Some studies show that melatonin levels do not appear to differ between those with and without SAD. However, mice incapable of synthesizing melatonin appear to express "depression-like" behaviors [6][7] and melatonin receptor ligands produce antidepressant-like effect in mice [8]. Light therapy appears to be effective in treating SAD, but the exact mechanism of the effect is still unknown.

Full-spectrum bulbs and "sunlight lamps" can be purchased as speciality lighting products for those suffering from SAD. The most validated of the light therapies is the use of a bright light box for 30-60 minutes daily in the mornings. These light boxes are many times more bright than regular indoor lighting.[9]

One recent trial seemed to indicate that shining a bright light behind the sufferers' knees would be beneficial, but when the trial was duplicated on a larger scale, the results were negative.

Medication is a more recent treatment and selective serontonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's) have proven effective in treating SAD. Examples of these antidepressants are fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft, Lustral), or paroxetine (Paxil).[10]

Several controlled studies have shown dawn simulation to be as effective as bright lights in treating SAD, with fewer side effects and greater convenience. A specialized control device called a dawn simulator gradually brightens ordinary bedside lights during the hour before the patient awakens.[11]


Winter depression (or winter blues) is a common slump in the mood of Scandinavians. Doctors estimate that about 20% of all Swedes are affected, and it seems to be hereditary. It was first described by the 6th century Goth scholar Jordanes in his Getica where he described the inhabitants of Scandza (Scandinavia). In the USA the diagnosis of seasonal affective disorder was first proposed by Norman E. Rosenthal, MD on the basis of a depressive syndrome the native of sunny South Africa.

Talk about sleep cut hereCollapse )
Understanding seasonal affective disorder
# 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # 7 # 8
BBC article - SAD may run in families hereCollapse )

I went to Sweden for 5 days earlier this month... and noticed I was incredibly sleepy and down all the time. Expecting the trip to be fun, in winter it just takes so much more to get out of bed.. and being with ny beloved one there, I was real surprised to see such tiredness and depression especially when he was around, in so few days. Living there would probably not fit me.
6th-Nov-2005 02:16 pm - Surprising meme results
How surprising indeed. Who could have guessed .. ;)

You scored as Eating Disorders. Congratulations! You have an eating disorder! You know what it's like to have "fat" eyelids and that there's exactly 58 calories in one medium-sized green apple. Western society has discarded your well-being for sickly, paper-thin models and celebrities; welcome to the club, sister.


Eating Disorders


Borderline Personality Disorder


Unipolar Depression


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Antisocial Personality Disorder




Which mental disorder do you have?
created with QuizFarm.com

(x-posted to my own lj)
This looks a bit weird for me - Mars recommends chocolate bars for health

Article pasted, for linkophobicsCollapse )

That's awkward... I try to stick to the "An Apple a Day" as of what should be healthy, rather than 2 bars of chocolate. ..
21st-Aug-2005 09:46 pm - New colors
I changed the color scheme for the community today a bit... I hope you'll like the actual scheme. :)
It feels quiet, both here and in the forum, so I hope that it's because everyone is doing fine.
I wish this weekend had 2-3 more days left.
20th-Jul-2005 01:13 pm - Love what you eat.
I propose that all the knowledge you will ever need about nutrition is within your reach. Within you is an amazing storehouse of all the information you have ever encountered about diet. Your body knows better than any book what nutritional balance it needs. It tries constantly to communicate that information, it's just not always received and interpreted accurately.

As a holistic nutritional consultant, I encourage my clients to look within themselves to determine what they need to do to feel healthy. A radiant state of health is hard to define because it is a subjective feeling. One way to begin is by paying more attention to those times when you feel good and when you don't, as well as which foods agree with you and which ones do not. This advice is a bit radical in its simplicity. Most people seem to think that a degree in nutrition is necessary to determine what is good for them, but I would like to take away some of the mystery associated with diet by recommending that we pay more attention to the signals that our bodies constantly send us.

It is a good idea and a time-honored basic rule to avoid overeating. This is not only because our digestive tracts will not function optimally under such a condition, but also because it makes us feel too full, tired, and sluggish, both mentally and physically. In addition, we can eat only the most wholesome foods and still create a toxic condition by overdoing it.

Often, people come to me expecting to be told that they must completely and radically change what they eat. Many take a long list of vitamins and supplements and still feel incomplete. They are leaning towards a kind of hypochondria that yields a medicine cabinet full of vitamins. Here we need to realize that the underlying belief system holds that the body is incapable by itself of maintaining the balance needed to create a state of health. These well-meaning folks have usually read endless books on the subject of nutrition, yet they are still searching for answers.

I propose that all the knowledge you will ever need about nutrition is within your reach. Within you is an amazing storehouse of all the information you have ever encountered about diet. Your body knows better than any book what nutritional balance it needs. It tries constantly to communicate that information, it's just not always received and interpreted accurately.

I ask that you learn to listen to yourself. This can be a bit scary at first. What if your self seems to be telling you to eat meatballs and chicken fat? Or chocolate cupcakes and hot fudge? I suggest you honor that voice rather than suppress it, and see how you feel after you eat the food you are craving. Take notes.

Your body has innate wisdom. Practice paying attention to the wisdom within, and you will be surprised about what you learn. Your body is naturally attuned to the life force that sustains it; it is the mind that confuses things. We must practice discernment and learn by trial and error what foods work for us.

As a general guideline, whole natural foods, unprocessed, free of chemicals, pesticides and colorings are a great place to start. Most of us are fortunate enough to have ready access to an abundance of beautiful organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and minimally processed meats as well as plenty of fresh fish. These are nutritionally loaded foods, so I highly recommend including a variety of these foods in your daily intake. Also remember that it is very beneficial to drink eight glasses of pure water each day.

These are just suggested guidelines; be gentle with rules and restrictions that are imposed from without. Any time you are looking outside of yourself for clues about diet, you are negating your own inner knowledge. It is a good idea to introduce natural foods into your diet as much as possible. The body has less work to do when it is not dealing with toxins introduced from without. Avoid any sort of fanaticism, however, and recognize that a state of glowing health is not a commodity that can be attained and pocketed.

The process of listening to your body involves remaining open to hearing what is required in each moment. Get into the habit of asking yourself: What does my body want today? When we don't listen, we often wind up imposing rules that just won't stick. Gorging on junk food after a nice big salad and tofu patties may be a sign that we are not listening.

Go easy on yourself. Have the sweets if you crave them. Perhaps by allowing a reasonable amount of them when first desired, they'll lose some of their appeal. The mind can be funny that way; it tends to want what you tell it not to have. So play a little game and psyche yourself out. Allow yourself to indulge a bit, but also make an effort to include more nutritious foods in your diet. Pay attention to how you feel. Let your body guide you. Throw away the books by the so-called experts, and listen within.

Part of the problem with listening to the "experts," of course, is that they all disagree. One doctor is pushing protein, another author is calling for more carbohydrates, still another is saying fats are coming back in style. Even the long-respected approach to dieting called calorie-counting is fast coming into disrepute, because recent studies have shown that reduced calorie intake leads to a slowed metabolism and a decrease in weight loss. So where does that leave us? Confused!

Another element of my practice involves teaching people to enjoy eating again. Worry and fear are creeping into our plates. How about love of the self? How about nourishing our souls as we nourish our bodies? Try candlelight, soothing music, a pleasant setting and, if possible, the company of those you love. Avoid arguments and heated discussions at meal time. This harmony will do more for optimal assimilation and digestion than all the food-combining rules under the sun.

Try breathing deeply and envisioning a healthful meal being assimilated into particles of light that are imparted with the wisdom to travel to the parts of your body that need them most. Now, THAT'S nourishing! Most importantly, simply savor your food and relax. Bask in the knowledge that your body is a magnificent creation that is masterfully equipped to extract and absorb the vital nutrients that will sustain you.

by Paula Sirois
6th-Jun-2005 09:58 am - Back online!
Wohoo ... thanks to Gon (edespan, and in lj as the name 'rainmanhood'), the ED board is back online!!!
2nd-Jun-2005 10:19 am - Amore e' una droga
Amore e' una droga. Interessante. Pero' la mia droga durera' di piu' di 2 anni, di sicuro, questa volta. :)

P.S. Cerco ancora di aggiustare il forum database, c'e' qualche problema che cerchiamo di solvere..
20th-May-2005 08:00 pm - Pensieri
Sapete, mi sono accorta che a molti uomini piacciono le donne che mangiano.
Tipo, che preferiscono quelle che se ordinano una pizza al ristorante non scelgono una margherita baby ma una cicciobosco.
Quando si è a tavola mi sembra che gli uomini preferiscano una tipa che se ne frega un pò della linea e che si prende una bella pizzotta da 1 milione e mezzo di calorie, piuttosto di una che spilucca la crosta perchè vuol far vedere che riesce a non mangiare.
Mi rivolgo alle donne che si sforzano di mangiare poco di fronte al loro lui, o di fronte agli uomini in generale. Forse per dimostrare che mangiamo come passeri ma che purtroppo il nostro sedere lievita di notte per ragioni ancora sconosciute alla scienza? O che siamo forti, controllate, e sappiamo rinunciare ai peccati di gola?
Beh, comunque sia, mi sembra che gli uomini siano stufi di sentirsi dire
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<no,>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Sapete, mi sono accorta che a molti uomini piacciono le donne che mangiano.
Tipo, che preferiscono quelle che se ordinano una pizza al ristorante non scelgono una margherita baby ma una cicciobosco.
Quando si è a tavola mi sembra che gli uomini preferiscano una tipa che se ne frega un pò della linea e che si prende una bella pizzotta da 1 milione e mezzo di calorie, piuttosto di una che spilucca la crosta perchè vuol far vedere che riesce a non mangiare.
Mi rivolgo alle donne che si sforzano di mangiare poco di fronte al loro lui, o di fronte agli uomini in generale. Forse per dimostrare che mangiamo come passeri ma che purtroppo il nostro sedere lievita di notte per ragioni ancora sconosciute alla scienza? O che siamo forti, controllate, e sappiamo rinunciare ai peccati di gola?
Beh, comunque sia, mi sembra che gli uomini siano stufi di sentirsi dire <no, grazie, sono a dieta>, ma che anzi, apprezzino le donne che mangiano senza pensieri.
21st-Apr-2005 08:07 am(no subject)

"Uniti contro il brutto !". Così inizia la nuova campagna pubblicitaria del marchio Lancia, che si affida a una strategia di comunicazione innovativa rispetto a quanto è stato applicato finora nel campo delle automobili.

"La strategia - precisa Fiat Auto - parte con la creazione dell'organizzazione Uau !(United Against Ugliness), un movimento formato da persone di diverse culture e nazionalità che combattono pacificamente contro il brutto. L'ironica associazione nasce in Italia e Francia e successivamente sarà estesa a gran parte dei principali mercati europei in cui opera il marchio Lancia. Questo movimento comunica un messaggio chiaro e diretto, crea un Manifesto, un appello a favore della bellezza. E parallelamente, prende come principale esempio di bellezza l'intera gamma Lancia Ypsilon: un auto dalle grandi prestazioni e dalla spiccata personalità e bellezza estetica".

La campagna di comunicazione - creata dall'agenzia di pubblicità Armando Testa e firmata dai direttori creativi German Silva, Haitz Mendibil ed Ekhi Mendibil - si contraddistingue per una concezione estetica spettacolare, in cui è stato studiato ogni minimo dettaglio, e per la grande ironia che si coglie sia nel concetto "Uau !" sia nei messaggi che integrano i diversi supporti pubblicitari: dalla televisione alla stampa, dal cinema all'affissione, oltre ai siti web (www.uau.org e www.lanciaypsilon.it), alle azioni "below the line" e alla comunicazione all'interno delle concessionarie.

In particolare, lo spot televisivo è stato coprodotto dall'italiana Little Bull e dalla spagnola Alamo Films, ed è stato girato a Lisbona, per la regia di Julio del Alamo che si è avvalso della collaborazione di Guillermo Navarro per la direzione della fotografia. Inoltre, gli attori protagonisti del film sono di otto nazionalità diverse, ognuno recita il Manifesto nella propria lingua conferendo importanza ed enfasi al messaggio, senza però oscurare la significativa presenza delle oltre 2.500 comparse che trasmettono la grandezza dello spot.

(01 aprile 2005)

----Non so...forse sarò io...però 1° non capisco l'ironia di questo spot, e 2° mi sembra offensivo.
"Eliminamo il brutto!" ??come scusa??,che si dovrebbe fare?un "appello a favore della bellezza"???eh?!??
Ma che vuol dire??
Come se la bellezza fosse un valore da difendere!
Esistono pure persone che possono sprecare il loro tempo a creare un'associazione contro il brutto???
Con tutti i problemi che esistono nel mondo???
Ma ditemi, è uno scherzo???Perchè forse lo è, ma io non lo capisco.
Non è uno scherzo???Ok, allora penso che la pubblicità abbia raggiunto livelli di demenza inimmaginabili!
Cioè, ma che scopo ha un'associazione simile?? L'eliminazione dei brutti, del brutto??
Ma siamo impazziti??
So they say now. NY Times article - if you don't want to register to read it online, you can read the article here.
So some reasons to worry less about the weight, if it happens to be on the way you would have wanted to be a bit less ... :)
19th-Apr-2005 05:49 pm(no subject)

Ciao a tutti!! Intanto, benvenuti!!


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