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Body Positive Thougts
How to be happy today
Heya im new here *waves* and thought this was a good way in which to… 
25th-Nov-2006 10:25 pm
Heya im new here *waves* and thought this was a good way in which to introduce myself = *

* Name: Lau (well laura really but i prefer lau!)
* Age: 18
* Location: Bristol (uni!! yaay!)

* An explanation of your e.d.: It started when i was 12/13 and progressed into full blown ana
* How long have you had it?:6 years = (
* Have you received any treatment for it?: no but im going to go see a counsellor. My friends and bf have been amazing <3
* Have you been in recovery?: yepa
* Do other people know?: most people...my closest mates and family
* What do you want out of recovery?:to be me again
* What holds you back from recovery?: intense fear of gaining weight

* Any other mental illness?: nopes.......does ocd count?
* Any medications?: nopes
* Any other self-destructive habits (like self-injury, substance abuse, etc)?: cutting myself
* Are you currently in therapy?:nopes

* Are you in school?: at uni which makes recovery harder
* What kind of music do you like?: rock/indie
* What's your favorite color?:pink!!!!
* What's a hobby you have?:socialising, badminton, dancing, msn...... = D
* If you could live anywhere, where would it be? dont know
* Your favorite qoute: Its only when your in true darkness that you can see the stars

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